Pokémon Global Link: New Launch Date

Posted by Yoshi648's AvatarYoshi648 on April 7, 2011 at 2:54 PM

After the earthquakes and tsunamis hitting Japan, Pokémon pushed back the release date for the online Global Link. An official press release from today has revealed that the new launch date will be April 13th (next Wednesday). This will give you access to both the Pokémon Dream World and the Global Battle Union.

In the mean time, be sure you have registered a Pokémon Trainer Club account as you will need it to access the system. Also don't forget to play the Befriend a Pokémon game to get access to a special Eeveelution.

Pokémon Global Link

EDIT: It seems that the press release has been removed from the webpage. It is unknown if the date has been pushed back or Pokémon wants to wait a few more days to put up the press release. Please stand by for further information.

EDIT 2: The information has been re-released on the website and it will still be launched this Wednesday.

EDIT 3: It's live now! Have fun. Just an FYI it takes a bit of time to receive your game sync code, to send your Pokémon over and then be able to play with it in the Dream World so be patient.

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