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Weekly Famitsu magazine reveals some more details on the game. After typing in the required characters for a Pokémon's romaji name, players use a Typing Ball in order to catch it. To this end, the game will feature it's very own Pok The game also have it own Pokédex-Emolga being numbered as "T-004". One particular stage found in-game is meant to have 100 consecutive Pokémon to capture-whether this stage yields a prize or not is as of yet unknown. Additionally, the total number of stages found in the game will be 60-representing each key on the included bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. Besides said keyboard, the game will be packaged with a "DS Compact Stand", which will support the DS in an upright position to allow comfortable typing. Each stage will feature a boss at it's end, and as players type more and more accurately, rarer Pokémon will appear accordingly, though not always necessarily in the same order, and the player's accuracy, speed, and "Title"-a rank which changes based on the player's progress, will be recorded by the Catalogue Book. The actual spelling of the Pokémon names has been shown to accommodate for possible variation, however, the example presented being for Pikachu typed as "Pikachuu", "Pikatyuu", and "Pikatixyuu". Throughout the game, coins are collected, access to them given by certain letters which will appear. Should a player collect all the coins, a rare Pokémon will appear. During a capture, inaccurate typing may also result in a Pokémon fleeing, in some cases. The gender and clothing colour can also be customized in-game, though whether this has any affect on the gameplay itself hasn't been touched upon. Finally, two new characters have been revealed for the game. The first is named Key Aoba, a member of the "Typing Elite Club" who is meant to be serious and helpful, and Eiiji Kiuchi, the person who originally asks you to investigate the Pokémon in the area, his dream being to see Pokémon he's never seen before.

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Source: www.serebii.net

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