New and improved! Now with 5% more Buizel

Posted by Yoshi648's AvatarYoshi648 on March 19, 2009 at 3:10 PM

So, the new version of has launched. Got any comments?

Personally, I like the new layout. Much more cleaner then a generic page with frames.

Originally posted by Cat333PokémonThe update is COMPLETE. I have added one more affiliate and dropped a couple off. The new affiliate is Pokémon Orchestral Arrangement. The new layout, in my honest opinion, looks far nicer and more uniform than my previous mess. I'd also like to thank my friends for helping me out with this website and giving me tips.

A couple new pages were added, while several others were either revised or dropped entirely. A new feature is the Jukebox, which can be found by clicking the Jukebox link on the menu to the left. It is still in beta, so bear with any client-side glitches. I also really like the new My Music page. Another addition is the Pokémon of the Month. This month's Pokémon is Luxray because March "comes in like a lion".



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