New Arcade Games, Other Small Changes

Posted by FreezeWarp's AvatarFreezeWarp on May 1, 2010 at 6:56 PM

Several updates have been made to Victory Road in the past few days, most notably with the Arcade. Here, you can find eight new games:

1. Pacman Avoider - A new take on Pacman, where you use the mouse to gather cherries but avoid the falling ghosts.
2. Asterorid's Revenge - A new take on Asteroids where your goal is to smash into the ship and not be destroyed.
3. Bookworm - The classic word game of Bookworm.
4. Donkey Kong - A smaller version of the classic NES game, Donkey Kong. You can only play one level.
5. Typing Test - Try to type faster than anybody else. I shall rule you all.
6. Winter Bells - Its just a cute game!
7. Spongebob Bowling B.C. - A slightly more squarish version of Bowling.
8. Frogger - The arcade legend, Frogger!
9. Custer's Revenge - I have been advised by my legal council not to add this game (nah, I never would really consider putting this up).

If anybody has any game suggestions and can find me an IBPArcade .tar file, the game could quite possibly be added. If you can find me the appropriate .swf file for a game without scoring, we can also add it (but, obviously, high scores and trophies won't work).

There have also been some other minor changes, most notably:

1. The moderation usergroups have been renamed and re-ordered on showgroups, where the moderators are also more logically displayed at the bottom. Likewise, the moderators now have their own usergroup color.
2. Key links to different parts of the community can be found under the "Community" drop-down at the top; currently VR's Facebook Fan Page, Cat's Youtube Channel,, and Crystal Islands.

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