New Pokémon (Fifth Generation?)/Formes?

Posted by Yoshi648's AvatarYoshi648 on January 6, 2010 at 3:06 PM

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This ad popped up for some Pokémon charms. They will be released within the same time frame as the premier of the 13th movie Phantom Champion Z. Notice the two on the right with the giant question marks? What could they be? From stuff like this in the past these have usually turned out to be alternate formes (like Giratina and Shaymin) or legendary Pokémon. Could they be Ho-oh and Lugia (although why they have ? on them? We already know they are in the movie), alternate forme of a Pokémon (Like the Spiky/Notched ear Pikachu) or perhaps even new Pokémon for the fifth generation!?


Source: Serebii

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