[SPOILER] Pokémon X and Y Localisation Details

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Some more information has surfaced, mostly on localisation of the X and Y Pokémon, NPCs, and features revealed earlier this week! There are a few more interesting reveals as well!

Pokémon English Names:
[*]Hariboogu (Chespin's evolution) is called Quilladin.
[*]Teerunaa (Fennekin's evolution) is called Braixen.
[*]Gekogashira's (Froakie's evolution) is called Frogadier.
[*]Chigorasu (the tyrannosaurus fossil Pokémon) is called Tyrunt.
[*]Amarusu (the ice dinosaur fossil Pokémon) is called Amaura.
[*]Torimian (the poodle Pokémon) is called Furfrou.
[*]Nyaonikusu (the gender-differing Psychic cat Pokémon) is called Meowstic.

Character Names:
[*]The notably all-female admins of Team Flare are Celosia (purple hair), Aliana (orange hair), Bryony (green hair), and Mable (blue hair).
[*]Team Flare also has a main scientist, who goes by the name Xerosic.
[*]The actress Karune who will encounter you numerous times during the adventure is known as Diantha.

Pokémon Moveset, Ability, and other Details:
[*]Pyroar has aesthetically differing appearance between genders.
[*]Details on customizing Furfrou's appearance has been expanded upon. You can customize it into any of 3 forms, but it must be maintained or it will revert to its original form.
[*]Furfrou learns the move Baby Doll Eyes, a Fairy-type priority move (though to what extent is unknown) and has the chance of lowering the opponent's Attack.
[*]Tyrunt is confirmed to learn Dragon Tail.
[*]Tyrunt's ability will be called Strong Jaw, which increases the power of biting moves like Crunch. Amaura's ability is called Refrigerate, which makes Normal-type moves Ice-type moves instead.
[*]Tyrunt is borne from the Jaw Fossil, and Amaura from the Sail Fossil.
[*]Mega Mewtwo X is confirmed to have an increased Attack stat. Mega Garchomp has increased Attack AND Special Attack, at the cost of Speed.

Type Matchup Details:
[*]Ghost-type Pokémon cannot be prevented from switching. For example, moves like Mean Look have no effect on them and abilities like Shadow Tag will not work on them.
[*]Electric-type Pokémon can no longer become paralyzed by any means, including through passive effects such as with Body Slam.
[*]Grass-type Pokémon are no longer affected by moves that involve spores/powders; Stun Spore, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, and maybe Spore do not work.

New Features:
[*]There will be a feature allowing you to take 10 second videos (called Trainer PR videos), featuring you and your Pokémon. The mechanics of how this will be done are unknown, but you will be able to adjust camera angles, edit expressions, and even customize the background music.
[*]The new Global Link website will be mobile-friendly with its own version that opens on October 12th, with the actual Global Link website going live later in the month.
[*]Disconnecting from a wi-fi battle will now result in a game loss.

Image Gallery

The official Sugimori artwork of the three evolutions of the starter Pokémon.

The official Sugimori artwork of the two fossil Pokémon.

Furfrou and its various different hairstyles...I guess?

The official Sugimori artwork of Meowstic's two formes.

The official Sugimori artwork for Pyroar's male and female form.

Team Flare's admins (clockwise from bottom right: Celosia, Mable, Bryony, Aliana) and Xerosic.

The official Sugimori artwork of Diantha.

Source: Serebii, PokéBeach

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