CoroCoro July's Issue [Updated: 14/06/2012]

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The early scans of CoroCoro have started to appear, and with them, more information are brought up.

[LIST]It is confirmed that once again, PokéTransfer will be usable in Black 2 and White 2, allowing you to transfer your Pokémon from all Gen IV games.
[*]There is an item called Reflecting Mirror, that once held by Landorus, Tornadus or Thundurus, will change their form from Sacred Beast form to Incarnation form.
[*]Reflecting Mirror can be obtained by taking Landorus that is captured in Dream Radar to a specific area.
[*]The three genies in the Sacred Beast form can only be obtained from the Dream Radar.
[*]Said trio will be having different abilities in their new forms; Tornadus has Regenerator; Thundurus has Volt Absorb; Landorus has Intimidate.
[*]There is a town called Sangi Town, which is apparently the second town you visit in your journey.
[*]Taking your Keldeo, after it has learned Sacred Sword, to a forest next to Sangi Town, along with Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion, will change Keldeo to its Resolution Form.
[*]An image showing Keldeo's full body is provided.
[*]A new feature called the Fes missions, in which you do missions with your friends , is available in the game. It seems there are as many as 100 different missions. You receive medals when you complete them.
[*]There is an Fes mission you receive in Castelia City if you take Meloetta to a café. This mission is about collecting berries around Unova.
[*]Another Fes mission is called 'Search for Audino.'
[*]Black Kyurem and White Kyurem will have the abilities of Zekrom and Reshiram respectively: Teravolt and Turboblaze.
[*]The first WiFi distribution is a Piplup with the move, Sing. It will be distributed from 20 of July till 9 of August.
[*]Items can be obtained from Dream Radar.
[*]Porygon is available in the Dream Radar.
[*]There are items called Dream Orbs that can be used to upgrade your capture device.
[*]Pokémon can be traded from Black and White to Black 2 and White 2 after receiving your C-Gear.
[*]Tachiwaki City in the Japanese version of the games will be called Virbank City in the English games.
[*]Elesa has a Flaffy in her team, and her gym resembles a fashion show.
[*]Cities from Black and White have had a complete change in the upcoming games.
[*]White Forest and Black City are back.
[*]A location exclusive is a cave. In one game, it is an aqua cave, while in another, magma cave.
[*]Some version exclusive Pokémon were confirmed: Black 2 will have Magby/Magmar/Magmortar and Buneary/Lopunny; White 2 will have Elekid/Elektabuzz/Electivire and Skitty/Delcatty.
[*]A new item, called Gambare A Lunch can be bought from the Join Avenue. This item, once held by a Pokémon, increases the Hit Point base points obtained as EVs.[/LIST]

Source: Serebii & PokéBeach

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