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Why and what?
Many forums allow users to put large images, both in resolution and data size, in their signatures. I'm not terribly fond of signatures being significantly larger than the contents of the posts to which they are attached, especially when scrolling down long pages.

The following tags are not allowed in signatures:


In addition, your signature may have no more than five lines and 750 characters of text including BB Code (550 excluding BB Code). The maximum font size is 3.

Uploading an image
Users are permitted to upload a single image for usage in their signature. The constraints of this image are 100 KB and 600×100 pixels. Animated GIFs are permitted as long as they aren't overly distracting. To upload an image, go to the signature editor and locate the image uploading panel below the box.

VRAC pets
The previous method of embedding pets is no longer appropriate here on Victory Road. In lieu of it, we have prepared a mutable BB Code specifically for its use, so if it is necessary to change the structure, we can do so to all on-site embeds. The new image is much smaller and compact, allowing for greater flexibility. Note that this tag only works on Victory Road, so please use the standard BB Code and HTML embed methods as appropriate elsewhere.

Option 1

Manually replace the #### with the ID value of pet(s) you want to embed.

Option 2
Visit the My Pets page on VRAC while logged in. Tick the boxes to the left of all pets you wish to embed. At the bottom, choose "Embed codes > Get VR" to generate a single line of pets to embed in your signature.

Administrators and moderators will replace signatures with a warning if they are found to be a disruption or in violation to these rules. If something has been removed from your signature by an administrator or moderator, you may not put it back in.

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