File uploads fixed, Hotmail and AT&T unblocked

Posted by Cat333Pokémon's AvatarCat333Pokémon on April 27, 2012 at 3:22 PM

For many of you trying to upload files over 1 MB on Victory Road or the Pokékaki, you may have received messages stating "Entity too large." The upload limit has been raised to the correct limit of 20 MB, which is the maximum permitted for attachments on Victory Road, and these errors have gone away.

In addition, Windows Live Hotmail has lifted their block on Victory Road, so you should now be able to receive forum e-mail again.AT&T is still being a pain, though, so folks with mail provided by AT&T may still not be able to receive messages. With this, new registrants have to verify e-mail addresses before using the forum.

Please let me know if you still are having trouble with these items.

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