Mini Review: OUYA [Game Console]

Disclaimer: Please note that this review was written very soon after the Kickstarter backer units were shipped out and is thus based on the original manufacturing batch.

Unboxing Photos

Size comparison with GameCube controller The OUYA console itself The other contents of the box


Easy as pie. Give it power, connect the HDMI cable, put batteries in the controller, and start the console. Then follow the basic on-screen instructions, and it's ready to use.


It's definitely lacking in games, but that's to be expected because it's new. It could use a little more organization, though, and the images seem to take a while to load. Downloading is simple and happens in the background.


Alright, this thing really could have used some more work.



I'm not going to go in details about specific games (as that's on the shoulders of the developers), but I will share some common issues I've noticed:


It feels a little too basic, but it gets the job done. No real complaints.

Other Notes

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