Review: GBA Video: “Pokémon: Johto Photo Finish & Playing with Fire”

Something New

Introduction (9/10)

“Nice Idea”

Nintendo was trying something new here: placing television episodes of select shows on a pocket GBA video. The Game Boy Advance Videos are rather nice for those that don't want to bring a portable DVD player or a miniature TV. However, it's not a very good price: $20 for the same thing as a low-priced DVD, only far lower quality.

Gameplay (N/A)

“It's not a game; it's that simple.”

Story (6/10)

“Story? Umm…”

Though not being a game, it still has a story: Ash is competing in the Silver Conference. Will he win? I can't tell you that or any more because this is designed for those who are thinking about buying it.

Graphics (3/10)

“This is supposed to be a video?”

I can't believe it! This is supposed to have great graphics, seeing how it's a video. Even for GBA, the graphics are quite blurred, as well as some pixelization. Oh well, I guess for the capacity of the cartridge, what do you expect. Sorry! They should have not compressed some parts and should have made repeated scenes be in a GIF image-like format.

Sound (4/10)

“The sound can be a nuisance, even though square wave can be better.”

The sound is not stereo. There is a very high compression level. They should have redone the sound mixing as an instrument/audio bank. However, it would lose its exactness to the TV series.

Replayability (7/10)

“Watching it over and over and over can get boring.”

It can. Sorry, but I have only watched it three times since I got it (about two months ago). The video can be neat, but like movies, repetitive.

Final Word (Rent)

“Everyone has different opinions, so see if you like it first.”

If you like Pokémon, the Anime series, and/or the video games, then you may want to check this out. I love all three, but not so much this. If you do like it, buy it. If you don't then don't have anything to do with it. Note to Pokémon haters: Don't even look at it.


Introduction: 9
Story: 6
Graphics: 3
Sound: 4
Replayability: 7
My Personal Liking: 8
Average: 6.5
My Score: 6