Victory Road's Nominations of 2011!

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Members of last year should remember this event, when it was firstly introduced as part of Victory Road's annual activities. The Nominations of the Year was something that received a lot of interest from the members and witnessed a lot of participation. We look forward this year to see more activity than last year's.

This contest focuses on a list of titles decided by the staff. Each member will vote and provide a name, whom he finds the most suitable to hold the title of the year.

The rules and procedures are:
[LIST]Votes will be submitted through a single Private Message to Cat333Pokemon only.
[*]For each title, three names can be submitted, where the first name will be considered in the first position, the second name in the second position and the third name in the third position.
[*]The name in the first position will earn 10 points. In second position, it will earn 5 points and in third position, 2 points. The winner will be the name with most number of points.
[*]If you have chosen someone for the first position of a title, then you are not allowed to choose the same person for the first position of another title. You can still choose him for second or third though.
[*]You cannot nominate yourself.
[*]All members, including staff, can vote.
[*]Winners will be rewarded with special prizes: unique and valuable adoptables that cannot be obtained, unless you are a winner. [/LIST]

This is the list of titles you will vote for:
[LIST]The most active member?
[*]The most missed member?
[*]The friendliest member?
[*]The funniest member?
[*]The most chatty member?
[*]The most knowledgeable member?
[*]The best Pokémon battler?
[*]The best Gym Leader?
[*]The best Animé-Style Battler?
[*]The best Animé-Style Referee?
[*]The best role-player?
[*]The best news contributor?
[*]The best writer?
[*]The best traditional artist?
[*]The best digital artist?
[*]The best spriter (animations included)?
[*]The most interesting photos’ owner?[/list]
Copy this list and submit it with the names along it.

This contest will continue until 30/12/2011. The winners will be announced on 01/01/2012. Any question shall be asked here and I will answer it.

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