New PokéPark 2:Beyond the World Trailer Released

Posted by AuraKshatriya's AvatarAuraKshatriya on October 18, 2011 at 5:58 PM

A new trailer for the upcoming game, PokéPark 2:Beyond the World was recently released, and may be viewed below:

This trailer serves to indicate that the Wish Park is in fact existent in a parallel dimension to the PokéPark, and is inhabited by Pokémon that are acting strange. Attractions shown include a racing game through space, a dancing attraction run by Lopunny, as well as some sort of reflex-based game involving Pikachu. New features include what seems to be a "Boss Battle" of sorts, with a Serperior being the main opponent, and other Grass-type Pokémon obstructing the player's path to it with their attacks.

View on VR: New PokéPark 2:Beyond the World Trailer Released

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