Official Resignation

Posted by FreezeWarp's AvatarFreezeWarp on June 15, 2011 at 1:45 PM

And as with everything else, I'm a week late with this. It is sorta hard to know where to begin - I’d like to be blunt, but somehow being tacky almost seems more fun. So let’s try that, shall we?

For a quick backstory for those who don’t know who I am, I came here after being an administrator at a site called Pokézam, where the sorta number-two guy arranged that our forum merge into this forum sometime around February 2010, or something like that. I got to be the admin at first, which was nice. The truth is, at the time I had considered leaving the site entirely for other interests - Pokémon, while I still love the games, does get a bit old after a while (especially with so many other great things). However, when everything else occured I decided against it (for the time) and came here. It was nice at first, but the staff is more than a little drama-filled. It’s somewhat (or equally [or more {or entirely}]) my own fault for always wanting to push buttons, but why else are they there if we’re not supposed to push them?!

Well, anyway, I created some cool things at different intervals, the big ones VictoryDex and VictoryBattles. More recently I tried something less-Pokémony and actually quite enjoyed it. That, of-course, being FreezeMessenger. However, at the same time, I’ve lost pretty much all interest in the other things I’ve done. It’s kinda sad, really, but there’s not much more to it. VictoryBattles, which was doing quite well, simply won’t be able to see its deserved attention from me, and the same seems to apply to VictoryDex. Though, if I do decide to tinker, I'll let you all know. I may have some future development, we'll see.

Of course, I’ve done cold turkey before and it’s kinda annoying. And, really, it’s not that I hate Victory Road or the I hate Cat333Pokémon or that I hate Pokémon or that I hate the Internet (in fact, much to the contrary on all four), but I’m no longer happy working for any of them (though, the Internet is still a pretty fun playground+wreckingball). Thus I will still post, perhaps much more often now, but that’s all I’ll likely be doing in the any too near of future. Whatever the powers that the powers that be see fit to give me I’m frankly fine with (that is, I’m happy remaining a supermod as I post here today as and happy as nothing), and the same applies to all server related maintenance, but like I said, that’s up to the guys upstairs, and I have no interest in anything of responsibility.

At any rate, development for pretty much everything major I do for this site is out, except for small things that friends here would like me to do (such as the VRGL), but at the moment I do not have permission to do such things (and haven't for a few months), and I'm really not interested parading around demanding them. As for FreezeMessenger, I will not too long after posting this (a week or two at the most) release version 3, and allow the guy in charge of the red switch to install it if he so likes. However, it may not be totally backwards compatible with version 2, so I guess I’d be more than happy to install it for him if he comes to me in a dream asking me to. Likewise, I may eventually craft up a version 4 - I’ve already received a couple of suggestions and people who have more are welcome to tell me.

And so, you are more than free to get a hold of me if you have any questions. At this point most of what I code will be findable at my temporary development site (which may be broken at the moment...) and in my signature, which will include the public version of FreezeMessenger if you want to run a chat of your own. If I’m allowed to, I’ll probably post a more detailed advertisement of it somewhere on the forum, and if not it should be in my signature and elsewhere.

Finally, I truly must thank all of those who have made this a pleasurable experience, and certainly must say its been enjoyable here on the whole. That's not something I can say about most corners of the Internet :P.

Thanks to You All,


p.s. I can be reached in a million different ways.

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