Pokémon Café: Dream World location

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The Pokémon Café is now available in the Dream World for Japanese players. It was released on May 25th 2011, and will continue to be accessible until August 30th, 2011. The Pokémon Café is a Dream World House which allows players to access new furniture, as well as a special Pokémon Café C-Gear Skin. As with other Dream World areas, the Pokémon Café is also a location where Pokémon that have not been previously seen in the Dream World may be found. The Pokémon in question are Poliwhirl, Eevee, Smeargle, and Burmy, each having their respective Hidden Ability (Swift Swim, Anticipation, SMoody, and Overcoat). In addition, a new mini-game, "Drink Serving" can be played here, in which players control a Foongus, and must carry drinks to Pokémon visiting the café.

Source: www.serebii.net

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