Battle Strength Decks Released

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*The following information has been posted later than the day of release. (March 18th, 2011)

The "Battle Strength Decks", new half-deck editions to the Pokémon TCG, were released on March 18th in Japan. They focus on the Legendary Musketeer Trio, comprised of the Pokémon Cobalion, Terrakion, and Verizion. Cobalion's Deck features Colourless, Metal, and Dark-type Pokémon, Terrakion's features Psychic, Lightning, and Fighting-types, and Verizion's, Water, Fire, and Grass-type. These half-decks have not yet even been promoted by The Pokémon Company International, implying that the international release for these decks isn't anywhere near.

Source(s):[Pokemon Card Official Japanese Website]

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