Dream World Eeveelutions to be Distributed Via Online Game

Posted by AuraKshatriya's AvatarAuraKshatriya on March 29, 2011 at 12:40 AM

A new online game is to be made playable on Pokemon.com once the Global Link and Dream World are running one again. The game in question, "Play to Befriend a Pokémon", is a brick-breaking game that, upon completion, allows for one of the seven Eeveelutions to be downloaded from the Dream World with their respective Dream World ability, all seven of which are listed below:

Jolteon: Quick Feet
Vaporeon: Hydration
Flareon: Guts
Umbreon: Inner Focus
Espeon: Magic Bounce
Glaceon: Ice Body
Leafeon: Chlorophyll

Players may only choose one of the Pokémon to download, which will be marked on their Trainer Club account until it is downloaded. The actual date of re-opening for the Dream World and Global Link is, as of yet, still unknown.

Source(s):Pokemon.com Official Website

Edit from Yoshi: Just an FYI, there is an image floating about related to this news that contains the 8 current Eevees along with shadows for four unknown Eeveelutions. Please note that this image is FAKE and there are no new Eevees. The image in question (along with the article from where it was originated and then confirmed to be fake) can be seen here.

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