More Pokémon Movie 14 Victini Distribution Details Revealed

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CoroCoro Magazine has revealed the circumstances under which the special Victini will be distributed to commemorate the release of the two 14th Pokémon movies. It will be given to players who reserve tickets to the movie(s), and since the first instance of being able to reserve tickets begins on April 16th, Victini will be obtainable from April 16th until August 31st. As previously revealed, this Victini will know it's signature move, Searing Shot, as well as the previously unobtainable move, V-create. It will also be holding a Fire Gem, and come in a Cherish Ball with a Wish Ribbon attached to it. Given the trend for a Pokémon movie to have a special Pokémon to be distributed for those who reserve tickets, and another to be distributed for anyone who actually goes to a screening of the movie, it is still a possibility that another Pokémon may be announced for distribution at said screenings within the months to come.

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