VictoryDex Beta 3.5: Black & White, SEO, and Japanese

Posted by FreezeWarp's AvatarFreezeWarp on March 6, 2011 at 3:19 PM

VictoryDex Beta 3.5 has been released; as you may guess from the name, it is not a full release but merely one which hopes to address a variety of lesser issues, and update for Black & White as much as possible. Overall, the total changes include:

Great SEO
The 'Dex now includes a title, usually something like "VictoryDex: Viewing Pokémon Bulbasaur", appropriate keywords in the metatags, and something of a temporary description. In addition, a variety of smaller SEO techniques were used to replace the plainly nonexistent SEO optimization of the previous version (seriously, it lacked a title before now).

Black & White Support
All Black & White 'Mons now feature their full English names, as do a variety of moves, abilities, and items. In addition, flavour text has been added for Black & White Items, Moves, and Abilities. Most Fifth Generation Pokémon also include their French names, hold item, and ability data as well.

Minor *Dex Changes
Several of the dexes received basic changes, such as not showing flavour text when it is not available (4th Generation Pokémon in RSE, for instance), and the NatureDex received data for translations as well.

Site Map Page
A list of all available pages can now be found at:

It may be good for browsers without Javascript, but the main purpose is simply giving easy spidering access to all pages.

Japanese Support
Experimental Japanese support has been added to the main PokéDex, where you now can use either a Pokémon's Romaji or Japanese characters in the file path. Both are also shown in the header. This will be expanded in the final Beta 4 as well in a variety of ways. Here are examples:フシギダネ

The Future
Beta 4 will expand on a variety of the features shown, and can be expected in between two weeks and a month. This will most likely (hopefully) include more B&W data, further Japanese display, extensions to the SEO, and possibly a domain change to Floatzel.Net (we're not sure, but it would make a good bit of sense).


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