Victoryroad and SharedHosting Server Update

Posted by KingOfKYA's AvatarKingOfKYA on January 18, 2011 at 8:18 PM

As you have been aware the last few weeks the I haven been making modifications to the server. That I am happy to report after the rough first day :). Everything is running better than we have ever had it. Load (Linux's way of measuring the work server is doing) is way down. To put in perspective load on victoryroad was 8-10 now its .26-1 huge gain. That was all fixed by locating mysql to the main server and not running it in a virtual pc.

In addition this effects victorybattles as well as victoryroad.

Also the shared hosting node has been given more ram to account for hight usage lately. It should also notice snapper page loads indirectly because of the mysql server move.

Hopefully No more downtime for a while

QuoteJust to inform everyone: as work continues on VRIM, the successor to VRC, support for VRC is going to wane as development resources are shifted over to the new project. VRIM is being built from the ground up by FreezeWarp (serverside coding, browser application, and API) and me (project direction and client downloadable application), basing very little on the existing VRC. The dead refreshes for Main, connection terminations, and other small bits of lag will very likely not be fixed due to this shift.
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