New Pokemon B&W Wifi and Global link Events

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The official site has updated with new details on a new Wifi event that will take place at the end of the month. To go along with next weeks B&W episode featuring Ash's Egg hatching, a Zuruggu is to be distributed over Wifi from January 28th to February 10th. This Zuruggu is Level 1 and is holding Muscle Band. They have also announced that the special fan designed Dream World house is now availiable for download in the Global Link until Valentine's Day. Also, from January 27th to March 30th, you will be able to download some special C Gear skins featuring Piplup and Croagunk to tie in with the upcoming Anime specials which feature Dawn and Brock.

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Piplup C Gear:
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Croagunk C Gear:
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Source: Serebii

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