New B&W American Pokemon Names, Moves, etc.

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IGN has released several new Pokemon Names, Moves, Abilities, Character Names, and Place Names along with screenshots of the new pokemon Black & White games to be released on March 6th.

American: Braviary - Japanese: Wargle
American: Patrat - Japanese: Minezumi
American: Gothitelle - Japanese: Gonchiruzeru
American: Reuniclus - Japanese: Rankurusu
American: Cofagrigus - Japanese: Desukan
American: Drilbur - Japanese: Mogurew
American: Axew - Japanese: Kibago
American: Woobat - Japanese: Koromori
American: Musharna - Japanese: Musharna

American: Overcoat - Japanese: Dust-Proof
American: Sand Force - Japanese: Sand Power
American: Sand Rush - Japanese: Sand Strength
American: Mummy - Japanese: Mummy

American: Dual Chop - Japanese: Double Chop
American: Heart Stamp - Japanese: Heart Stamp
American: After You - Japanese: You First
American: Sky Drop - Japanese: Free Fall

American: Blanca - Japanese: Bela
American: Cheren - Japanese: Cheren
American: Fennel - Japanese: Mokomo

American: White Forest - Japanese: White Forest
American: Black City - Japanese: Black City

Source: Serebii

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