Victory Road "Yearbook" Nominations 2010!

Posted by The Spirit of Time's AvatarThe Spirit of Time on December 24, 2010 at 12:45 PM

Celebrating Christmas, it is our pleasure, as Victory Road's staff, to introduce the annual yearbook, which is the first of its kind in this forums. In this thread, there is a list of titles in which you as a member have to nominate members to take these awards, which will be announced as soon as the voting is done. Try to make the best possible choices for each title, for you will be giving other members recognition by nominating them to get these titles.

Before giving the list, I hope everyone to follow the rules below:
[LIST]The voting process is done privately. Every member has to copy the list to a private message, nominate and send it to The Spirit of Time. Private messages must be sent to him only since he will be the one collecting the results, and sending it to several people will cause confusion.[/LIST]
[LIST]For every title, you nominate up to three people. As an example, You nominate Name 1 with 10 points. The second name will have 5 points and the name in the third position gain 2 points. While collecting the results, the winner will be the one with most points.[/LIST]
[LIST]No one is allowed to nominate himself.[/LIST]
[LIST]You can only send one Private Message. You can't just send several ones with different votes.[/LIST]
[LIST]Please nominate one member for the first position in one title only. For example, don't put Name 1 as the first name under "The best battler?" as well as "The best writer?".[/LIST]
[LIST]If you don't know whom to nominate for a specific title, then just skip. However, please avoid skipping more than three titles.[/LIST]
[LIST]All staff members can vote.[/LIST]

Now that the rules are clear, here is the list in the spoiler:
QuoteThe most friendly member?

The most active member?

The most helpful member?

The most knowledgeable member?

The funniest member?

The best Pokémon battler?

The best Gym Leader?

The best SSBB player?

The best MKW player?

The best traditional artist?

The best digital artist?

The best writer?

The best spriter (animations included)?

The best signature?

The best avatar?

The biggest /b/uizel fanatic?

The most missed member?

The biggest Pokémon fan?

I advise that before voting to check threads, boards and's related areas. If anyone has a question then ask it here. Otherwise, if you want to vote, then please send it as a PM to The Spirit of Time. We really hope that many people participate in this event, as the more people who vote, the more accurate the results are. I want to remind you that on the 31st of December, this thread will be closed and no further nomination will be accepted. The results of the voting will be posted on January 1st, 2011 which happens to be the first day of the new year. I wish good luck to everyone, and I hope that many people get the awards they wish for.

At last, Merry Christmas to you all~

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