Pokémon Sunday - September 12th

Posted by The Spirit of Time's AvatarThe Spirit of Time on September 12, 2010 at 2:58 AM

Nothing more than what has been revealed last night, but we have some new confirmations.

The first one is that no old characters will appear in these games, which means that Prof. Oak or Cynthia won't be seen in Isshu.

It also confirms that "N" will appear battle you with Choroneko, which we already know from yesterday.

HMs are also confirmed now, despite the fact that TMs will never be used up. This has been proved when Mamoko gave the player HM01-Cut.

The very first wild Pokémon to appear are Chillarmy and Minezumi.

Mijumaru will learn Shell Blade at Lv. 7.

They mentioned that the C-Gear took four years to program, which tells us that they have been working on these games for years.

Desukaan, Denchura, and Ononokusu are revealed, but nothing new from yesterday.

Here are some videos:

Source: Pokébeach

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