A flood of new Pokémon in CoroCoro

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A bunch of new Pokémon were released in CoroCoro this month. Here is a list of the new monsters:

[*]Janobii - evolves from Tsutaaja, and is a pure grass type Pokémon with its ability as Overgrow.
[*]Chaofuu - evolves from Pokabu with Fire/Fighting type and the ability Blaze.
[*]Futachimaru - evolves from Mijumaru with a pure water type and the ability torrent.
[*]Churine - a grass Pokémon with the ability Chlorophyll or Own Tempo. It is exclusive to Pokémon White.
[*]Choroneko - is dark typed with the ability Limber or Unburden. It is said to be obatined by 'N'.
[*]Monmen - the grass typed Pokémon that is exclusive to Pokémon Black. Its ability is Mischievous Heart or Slip Through.
[*]Baffuron - a bull Pokémon with the ability Reckless and Herbivore. It also learns a new move called Afro Break.
[*]Dangoro - a Rock typed Pokémon with a new move called Strike Down.
[*]Mebukijika - It is Shikijika's evolution. It also changes it color with the change of the seasons, and has the ability Chlorophyll or Herbivore.
[*]Yooterii - he puppy Pokémon. Its ability is Pick-up, and has a move called Cheer up that boosts both attack and special attack.
[*]Tamagetake - Grass/Poison typed with Effect Spore. It has a new move called Clear Smoke.

Some additional moves were also reveled related to old Pokémon we previously knew.
[*]Boappu is fire-typed with the ability Gluttony. It has a move called Burst Flame.
[*]Hiyappu is water-typed with the ability Gluttony. It has a move called Boiling Water than can also inflict a burn, although it is water-typed.
[*]Emonga has a new move called Elci Ball.
[*]There is a move for Victini that is called Flaming Sphere. It induces a burn and hits all Pokémon on the field.
[*]Basurao has got two different forms depending on the versions. Yet is water typed nad has two abilities; Reckless and Adaptability.
[*]Desukaan has a new ability called Mummy. If it gets inflicted with a physical attack, the attacker will become a Mummy.
[*]Ononokusu is dragon typed and has a new move called Dragon Tail.
[*]Denchura is Bug/Electric with Compoundeyes or Tension. Its Tension ability prevents the opponent's Pokemon from eating Berries.
[*]Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel with either Sand Gun or Sand Power. It knows a Ground-type attack called "Drill Liner" which has a high critical hit rate.
[*]Tabunne is a Normal Pokémon with a new move called Healing Wave that restores the HP of its allies. It has two abilities; Regeneration and Healing Heart.
[*]Reshiram's signature move is called Cross Fire, while Zekrom's signature move is called Cross Thunder. If one of them get hit first by the other's signature move, their signature move will become stronger.[/LIST]

Another information were also shown regarding general things.
[*]The first gym is going to be Grass, Fire and Water gym. There are three leaders, Dento (Grass), Poddo(Fire) and Kon(Water). It all depends on your starter. If you choose a grass starter, you will battle Poddo, and so on. It is like your rival battles.
[*]Aloe, the second gym leader runs a normal typed gym.
[*]The main menus of the games are going to hold: Continue, Mystery Gift, Battle Tournament (for battling friends), Game Sync (for the Dream World), Wi Fi settings, Mic Test, and Transfer Machine.
[*]Transferring from Gen IV will be done wirelessly and in Huin City after saying specific words.
[*]Zoroark will be battled in the Illusion Woods, while Zorua in a building in Huin City..
[*]The Dream World will be played on your computer, and on a Dream Island. Various Pokémon will be found in various areas.
[*]You receive Munna by borrowing it form Mukamo.
[*]There are mini-games in the Dream World. When you play well with the, the Pokémon you caught in the Dream World will be sent to your game version.
[*]A new character called Geechisu is a Team Plasma executive.
[*]You can travel to new islands with the ships that depart from Huin City.[/LIST]

Scans (large images!):

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[Image gone]
[Image gone]
[Image gone]
[Image gone]
[Image gone]
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[Image gone]
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One of the scans has unknown validity. Details:

Fake scan details

[Image gone]

It was stated on PokéBeach that the scan is part of a removable section, so the printing design is slightly different. However, the numbers are still backwards, and that could only be a fake, a printing error, or the insert placed into the magazine upside-down.

Possibly fake scan:
[Image gone]

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