Additional CoroCoro Details Revealed

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The final parts of information ommitted in the previous leaks has now become available.

Firstly, all the new Pokemon have been given species classifications.

Gochiruzeru->Celestial Body Pokemon, Psychic-type
-As mentioned earlier, it can use a move called "Magic Room" which negates the effects of items for 5 turns.

Rankurusu->Amplification Pokemon, Psychic-type
-Has a new ability called "Dust-Proof", which negates damage from weather effects. It`s other ability is Magic Gaurd.

------->Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu are version exclusive Pokemon.

Wargle->Valor Pokemon, Normal/Flying Type.
-Has the abilities Keen Eye, and Encourage. The latter is shared with Hihidaruma and boosts the power of attacks, but negates their secondary effects (ex.Shadow Ball will do more damage, but will no longer have a chance of reducing the opponent`s Special Defense).
-Can also learn Free Fall, as mentioned before. It is a two-turn attack involving carrying the opponent up into the air on the first turn, then dropping them on the second.

Kibago->Tusk Pokemon, Dragon-type. (The Pokemon shown in the leaked anime character sheet near the new female character).
-It has the abilities Mold Breaker and Rivalry, and can learn an attack called "Double Chop", which inflicts damage on the opponent twice.

Koromori-Bat Pokemon, Psychic/Flying-type
-It can have either the ability Klutz, or Unaware.
-A new move is available for it called "Heart Stamp" which causes the opponent to flinch.

Minezumi->Lookout Pokemon, Normal-type. (The Pokemon shown in the Black and White trailer during Gen`ei no Hasha:Zoroark)
It can have the abilities Run Away, and Keen Eye.

Musharna->Trance Pokemon, Psychic-type
-The evolved form of Munna.
-The smoke it gives off contains the dreams of Pokemon. This "Dream Smoke" allows you to use a Game Sync to upload your save file to the internet.
-It can have the abilities Synchronize and Forewarn.

The official artwork of the newly-revealed Pokemon. (High-resolution image).

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Besides that, new information on Triple Battles has been revealed. The Middle Pokemon can target all three opposing Pokemon, whereas the Pokemon on the left and right can attack the opposite Pokemon, and the opposing Pokemon in the middle. A new ability, called "Telepathy" will also be available for some Pokemon, allowing them to avoid being damaged by their team mates. An as-of-yet unnamed attack also has this effect.

Story-wise, information on N has been revealed. Fitting with the concept of "Right and Wrong" that goes with the theme of Yin and Yang, N is an antagonist, and challenges you to a battle multiple times in the story to prove his ideals of what is right and wrong. He says "Pokemon are friends", and because of this, wants to "free" them from humans, seperating them so that the world is like black and white. As a result, he seeks the power to achieve this end. The player`s childhood friends, Beru (could be romaji for "Bell"), and Cheren, each take a starter Pokemon from Professor Araragi, as do you, breaking the tradition of having one Pokemon not taken by a trainer.

As mentioned previously, Isshu is farther away from the other regions than they are from each other, and as a result, the routes have gone back to "1" and so on, instead of "401", etc.

As some of you may know, there are also version-exclusive locations, namely, White Forest in Pokemon White, and Black City in Pokemon Black.

As for various new game mechanics, the aformentioned "C-Gear" will be given to you by Prof. Araragi`s friend Makomo after completing a task for her.
The High Link we`ve heard of before is a building in Isshu which allows players to connect to other players` world and adventure alongside them.
The DS` infrared capabilities have also streamlines the trading and battling functionalities, with trading being doable straight from the PC Box, and quick battles.
The Live Caster feature which allows players to conduct video chat over wireless (4 people over local wireless, 2 over Wi-Fi) also has a stamp and pen tool to play around with pictures during live chat.

The live chat feature being shown (High-resolution image)

[Image gone]

What`s more interesting is that characters in the game will use the Live Caster to speak with you, as we saw N do in the 1-minute long trailer released recently. (Video embedded below, for reference).

One thing (which will make things even harder on me for translating dialogue in-game) is that Kanji is going to implemented into the game as well. For those of you who don`t know, Kanji is a type of Japanese writing which doesn`t use an alphabet. Instead, each written symbol represents one word. Needless to say, there are a LOT of Kanji out there, so memorization is key xD

The game sync feature unlocked through Musharna also gives you more than just a battle option. Your Pokemon can enter a "Dream World" and play with other Pokemon they meet there. The ones they befriend can be brought back to the real world, that is to say, your Black and/or White cartridge. essentially allowing you to get Pokemon which are not neccesarily Isshu-native into the game.

The "Dream World" features are shown (High-resolution image)

[Image gone]

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