Cat's Vacation

Posted by Cat333Pokémon's AvatarCat333Pokémon on June 26, 2010 at 4:20 PM

For those who haven't heard, I'm going to be visiting Hawaii for the next week, starting Sunday (June 27) morning and ending the following Saturday (July 3) morning. During this time, I will not have a computer. The only device I will have is a phone, and I will not be using any mobile IM services. I probably won't really respond to any texts, including server errors. Please DO NOT send me any server error notices!! As for any Pokémon news, my site obviously will not be receiving any updates with the exception of the staff-posted news.

Also, during this time, please direct all inquiries, server errors, and other problems to the admins. If it's urgent, like a server crash, send it to Yoshi648, KingOfKYA, then FreezeWarp (in that order, because of the power they have). If it's anything like weird coding/debug messages, VictoryBattles glitches, or anything forum related, contact in this order: FreezeWarp, Yoshi648, then KingOfKYA. Be sure to add them to your MSN, AIM, Skype, and Yahoo! lists. You may still contact me via PM, and I might respond to it on my phone in the evening, but don't count on it.

Also, during this time, I may periodically send photos to Yoshi via MMS/e-mail. I've asked him to supply a photo album here on VR to upload these photos to. Look forward to seeing exotic pictures!
EDIT from Yoshi: Pictures will be uploaded here. I will upload new ones as soon as I receive them from Cat so check back for more.

Remember, Yoshi is the lead administrator while I am away. Freeze and KYA will take high importance, too, so be sure to listen to them!

Good-bye everyone, and have fun on Victory Road while I'm away!


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