List of Temporary or Permanently Banned Sites

Posted by FreezeWarp's AvatarFreezeWarp on June 25, 2010 at 8:28 PM

This is a list of sites that may not be linked to, may not be embedded, and may not be talked about due to either a conflict of interest from VictoryRoad's sites and products or because of damage, either indirectly or directly, to VictoryRoad's traffic. All banned sites may be discussed here or petitioned for removal elsewhere, and generally sites are only banned to help benefit our users. When a site is removed or added to the list, a new post will be made to address such.

Temporarily Banned Sites
[*]There are none at this time.

Permanently Banned Sites
[*]Encyclopedia Dramatica - This site has pornographic advertisements. It should be obvious, really, but since there was some linking we kinda gotta make this more obvious.
[*]PokéFarm - As a result of certain illegalities (specifically, a violation of Nintendo's rights), PokéFarm links may not be embedded within the forum.

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