Significant changes to the Victory Road Gym League

Posted by Shadow's AvatarShadow on June 17, 2010 at 12:32 PM

Hello, one and all.

The Victory Road Gym League has recently received a good amount of changes to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Here's a list of the updates which took place:

-Promotion of GL staff members

After careful consideration of several criteria I had in mind, I found out 3 members who would work pretty well as GL staff members. The newly-promoted members are Alakazamaster, Sunny and The Spirit of Time. Not only will they now help in the decision-making process and several discussions concerning the League, they will also assist in running it successfully with me. This includes settling problems, editing unofficial gyms and adding comments about them, closing/opening gyms upon request, as well as many other things. So congratulations guys - you all deserve this position.

-Elimination of inactive/unofficial/poorly-made gyms

It has come to my attention, after reading some posts concerning the VRGL on the forums, that it is cluttered with too many unneeded/inactive gyms. The GL staff members and I had a great amount of time discussing this issue and deciding upon the gyms to stay in the League. The several criteria was taken into consideration:

-Activity of gym + member
-Competitive background
-General structure of gym
-Rules listed
-No. of battles made

Based upon those matters, the list of gym leaders that were eliminated were very sensibly chosen among us. I guarantee you 100% that no one's gym has been removed unnecessarily/unfairly because this issue, in particular, was the thing which took most of our time. If you, for any reason, feel that your gym has been unfairly eliminated, please do not hesitate to send me a PM, provided you present acceptable reasons as to why you shouldn't have been removed. I will not accept such like posts in this thread, as they will be completely disregarded and subsequently deleted.
Anyways, here's the final list of Victory Road's offical gym leaders:

Victory Road's official gym leaders

Normal - Sunny
Water - Shadow
Electric - aragornbird
Ice - Pikaluv1
Fight - Ditto616
Poison - GuildmasterWigglytuff
Flying - Alakazamaster
Psychic - LiteTheIronMan
Steel - The Spirit of Time

If your gym was eliminated, do not feel sad or angry about it. In fact, I encourage you all to challenge the gym leaders and try to beat them all because we surely would love to see more activity in this part of the forums. If you are still ambitious for this position, try to identify any flaws with your previous gym and plan how you'll fix them if you become a gym leader once again. Then you should aim to substitute a gym leader by winning 2 Pokémon tournaments or defeating all gym leaders. The GL staff and I will gladly give you advice on any matter concerning this issue.

-Minor updates to some gyms

To ensure that an official image of the gyms is displayed to any person in the forums, all the gyms now follow the same title scheme. In addition, some gyms have been updated/edited so that they meet the wanted requirements of a well-structured gym. This included the removal of some rules, general edits to spelling/grammar and, in some cases, some re-structuring here and there. Don't worry - I made sure the gyms aren't changed very much so that you still feel responsible for them.

-The guide has been updated with the changes that took place in the League
Kindly have a look at it, as several rules have been changed/removed.
(For instance, gym leaders can now battle each other, earn one another's badges and receive prize Pokémon/items. There are other changes as well.)

And well, that's about it. I've planned and worked very hard to make sure everyone gets a positive experience out of the Victory Road Gym League. Thanks for reading this announcement, and I hope you enjoy the updated system.

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