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Credit: Serebii.net, Project Pokémon.com, Official

Yesterday, Serebii and Project Pokémon reported on the latest Pokémon White and Black artwork, with high quality images, sugimori art, and more. Most notably are the ever-so interesting details of the intricate 3-D cities of the new region.

On the official site, this beautiful city was posted:
[Image gone]

Thanks to Serebii and Project Pokémon, these full-sized images have also been made available:
[Image gone]
The harbor as a ship sails away.

[Image gone]
A large bridge. I can't help but think it looks a lot like Duluth (a favorite vacationing spot for me).

[Image gone]
A railway.

[Image gone]
A city market.

Pokémon Battles
[Image gone][Image gone][Image gone]
The three starters battle.

[Image gone]
Zoroark transforms, illustrating that Zorua and its evolution will know transform(or a similar Ability) - although from a previous movie trailer we already knew this.

Sugimori Art
[Image gone][Image gone]
The male and female trainers, both drawn considerably older than before. Some speculation exists that the Anime will start over, and this could exist as an indication of that. Either way, such news is far from confirmed.

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