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Citing Sources
At Victory Road, we would like to request anyone posting news do so by properly citing their source. This usually means, "where did I hear about this myself?". However, it is important that you ONLY cite the most accurate source possible - official sources are always most accurate. Serebii and Bulbapedia are much less accurate than official sources - cite the official source and only the official source if it is available.

For example, if you read something from Serebii, it would make sense to post a link accordingly. However, if they are reporting on something that was posted by an official source, then the official news story MUST be sourced instead.

Official sources are Pokémon.*, Nintendo.*, the unique Pokémon Games sites (such as,, and any other sources that are owned by the Pokémon Company or Nintendo.

Failing to cite your sources may result in a ban or loss of moderative powers. The first (or second) time you do so, you will merely get a warning. Additionally, no bans will take place for not citing the most accurate source, but we ask all moderators to change the source to a more accurate one if possible.

Repetitive Posts
Please do not repeat posts. Before posting new news, make sure no one else has already posted the same topic. If someone posts the news story before you get the chance, please request that your topic be deleted to a moderator. All news posts go onto the homepages of and Floatzel.Net, and is simply redundant.

If the first source is poorly written, a moderator or administrator is allowed to rewrite it, post it him or herself, and delete the old one.

What to Post
The only threads that should be posted in PokéNews are those that are news. Likewise, if something is news (and is as such new), do not post it in any of the other forums - make sure to post it here. If you are not a moderator, please post in the "Pokémon General" forum. This way, both Floatzel.Net and RSS readers will see it.

Post Formatting
All post formatting to be as plain and simple as possible. Custom formatting for the entire post, like Bolded Green, is strictly disallowed.

Proper Images
Whenever feasible, please upload all images as attachments, and use the [noparse][attach]{id}[/attach][/noparse] BB-code instead of spoilers. If you want the entire image to be displayed, then copy the image URL.

Please keep as much opinion out of your news posts as possible. This includes saying things like "the cool new games" and posting what you think of new Pokémon. Instead, you may make a second post after your news post with your opinions. This form of double posting is allowed.

When providing a date in the near future, please include the day of the week and the year. The day of the week vastly improves mental planning without requiring looking up dates in a calendar, while the year allows people viewing it next year to know it was in the past (even though the date stamp already shows the year the article was posted). For example, use "Wednesday, May 9, 2012" instead of simply "May 9."

If a thread contains spoilers, please include the word "SPOILERS" in the thread title.
Example: "(Spoilers) New Pokémon designs"

If a thread reveals a major piece of information, only allude to it in the thread title.
No: "Champion Blue Confirmed!"
Yes: "Champion Revealed!"

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