Pokémon Sunday February 20, 2010 - Nothing revealed

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Today's Pokemon Sunday show didn't revealed nothing new, they just showed the real look of the Silouhtte that is Zoroark, and then they showed the pre-evolution of Zoroar, Zorua.

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Now the new Pokemon Movie 13 will be called as Pokemon Champion Phantom Zoroark and they showed their anime artwork as well.

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They showed that some of the extra-missions of Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light, all the extra-mission Pokemon can be transfered to the Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver versions.

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If you capture Deoxys in less than 4 minutes, when you transfer it, it will have an exclusive attack. By the way, the hosters of Pokemon Sunday were playing the Deoxys Special Mission.

And in the next week there will be aired the Pokemon Ranger 3 anime, where we will see the main male Ranger of Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light as the protagonist.

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And as well, they showed a bit of the new Pokemon Diamond & Pearl anime episode, in this episode the Gym Leader Volkner and the Elite Four member Flint will appear.


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