Server Moved

Posted by Cat333Pokémon's AvatarCat333Pokémon on December 14, 2016 at 6:47 PM

All sites have been moved from the old server to the new one, and the old server has been shut down. If you receive database errors or problems with the websites, please let me know about them! Many of the plugins had to be removed from Victory Road, including the thumbs up, online list for the last 24 hours, and an administration helper, due to incompatibilities with PHP 7.0. I'm also having difficulty installing the SSL certificate because it was from a promotion and Victory Road had a promotional SSL certificate five years ago.

I have not yet fixed the Pokékaki, as it is using an obsolete MySQL connection scheme. Update: The Pokékaki at least works enough to view art.

Floatzel.Net is still under development. Music will have a nice player that can also play all the audio on the page. It queries the browser for which audio formats it can play, as well.

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