Alola Forms, Z Moves and a Few Other Things

Posted by Dragonite's AvatarDragonite on August 1, 2016 at 7:44 AM

So we got a rather long Sun-Moon video today.

- A bunch of old Pokémon (namely Kanto Pokémon) get these new "Alola forms." I have mixed feelings about this. I'd rather Sandslash gets a legitimate new evolution than a special form only available in Alola. Like they did with Sinnoh.

- Alola Trials, one for each island. Finally, some serious sidequesting in Pokémon games. At least, I assume. We only got to see the bosses at the end today, though.

- A couple new Pokémon. Meh.

- Z Moves, which are basically the "attack" analogue of Mega Evolutions. You only get to use one a battle and they're supposedly ridiculously powerful, though I'm not sure what order of magnitude the base power's on. I don't like these. I didn't like Mega Evolutions 'cause power creep, and these look about the same. They look kind of cool, but I wouldn't be surprised if between these and the (undoubtedly more power creep-filled) Alola forms I never bother to get into Gen 7 competitive.

- Edit: oh yeah, you get to ride Pokémon too. This had better be what it looks like it is. *shakes fist in Nintendo's general direction*


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