[SPOILERS] More Mega Evolutions and ORAS Info

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CoroCoro's August edition has leaked some new information regarding Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

New Mega Evolutions

First up, we have a Mega Evolution for Altaria, Mega Altaria. Mega Altaria is retyped to Dragon/Fairy and gains the ability Pixilate.
Next, we have an unexpected Mega, Mega Lopunny. It is retyped to Normal/Fighting and gains the ability Scrappy.
Lastly, the ever-popular Salamence gains a Mega in Mega Salamence. It retains its Dragon/Flying typing but gains the ability Aerilate.


Cosplay Pikachu and Contest Info

Pikachu's recently revealed cosplay forms are more than purely aesthetic, it would seem. Each Pikachu gets its own special move that Pikachu cannot learn otherwise, much like Rotom.

Pikachu Rock Star gains the move Meteor Mash.
Pikachu Belle gains the move Icicle Crash.
Pikachu Pop Star gains the move Draining Kiss.
Pikachu Ph. D. gains the move Electric Terrain.
Pikachu Libre gains the move Flying Press.

There is also a new character, Lucia, who is a Contest Idol who gives you clothes for participating in contests. It appears that trainer customization will exist for these contests. Lucia has an Altaria.

Update: It has been confirmed that you can Mega Evolve during contests, but only when the "Excite Meter" is full. How this effects the Excite Meter and your appeal score is unknown. Furthermore, it is confirmed that Feebas's evolution into Milotic will once again return to its roots, being based on Feebas's condition.


Event Information

It has been made official that there will be an event where the player can receive a Shiny Beldum holding Metagross's Mega Stone. Details on this event are unclear, although one can assume that it will be distributed much like the Torchic and Blazikenite were.


Source: Serebii.net

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