Pokemon D/P/Pt Arceus Mystery Gift Event! (Australia)

Posted by Pokemon-Know-It-All's AvatarPokemon-Know-It-All on November 3, 2009 at 2:15 AM

It has been confirmed that the special Arceus event we mentioned yesterday will take place from this Thursday. Simply bring your Nintendo DS and a copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum to any EB Games or Kmart store across Australia to download Arceus via Mystery Gift.

EB Games have advertising posters commemorating the event in store whilst Kmart mentions it in their latest catalogue which starts this Thursday.

Arceus will be given away from this Thursday in Australia at all EB Games and Kmart stores and from this Saturday in the US at all Toys R Us stores Simply take your DS and Pokemon game with you to download Arceus via Mystery Gift I'll be receiving my Arceus on Thursday

So be sure to grab your Arceus from November 5th, Australia will be the first country outside of Japan to receive Arceus.

No details of a European event have been announced yet.

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