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Posted by Cat333Pokémon's AvatarCat333Pokémon on October 29, 2009 at 10:10 PM

I'm going to be renaming the forum. "Floatzel.Net Forum" sounds a little outdated an uninviting. So, what would you recommend for a name? I'd like it to have the word "Community" in it, so I've given it the temporary name of "Floatzel.Net Community."

So what do you think?

A couple ideas I had:
Cat's Community (but this might bring in visitors thinking the site is about cats, cat care, and stuff like that)
Floatzel Community (without the .net)
Something with "Poké" or "Pokémon"

I'm also open for offers if anyone would like to join a "community forum". This is where multiple sites share a forum and each gets their own links. You must own a website and if you have a forum, will have to send users here and re-link to this forum. If you're a good posting user or have a great site, chances are high that I will accept. (If you aren't willing to join just because your forum is strong, I wholly understand. I've had to turn down requests recently because my forum was already too popular and drives my news system.)

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